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Civic and Political Studies

Track 01:

Investigating public policy

Track 02:

Political science as a disciplinary practice

Track 03:

Criminology as social science

Track 04:

Law as a social science

Track 05:

Social sciences in the service of social policy: risks and rewards

Track 06:

Public health

Track 07:

Accounting for the dynamics of citizenship, participation, and inclusion

Track 08:

Social transformations: structure and agency in social dynamics

Track 09:

Politics in, and of, the social sciences

Track 10:

Trust, social capital, social cohesion, and social welfare

Track 11:

Security and insecurity, conflict and cohesion, war and peace, terror and anti-terror

Track 12:

Interdisciplinary perspectives on politics, public policy, governance, citizenship, and nationality

Track 13:

Policy measures: assessing social need and social effectiveness

Track 14:

The neo-liberal state and its critics


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